Air cargo send to Canada from China

Air cargo is used by global importers and exporters when they need to get goods somewhere quickly and reliably. While 90% of everything is shipped by ocean freight, air freight connects the world faster, cutting China-Canada freight shipping time from 20-30 days by ocean to only three days by air cargo. DJcargo handle door to door air freight service from China to Canada all airports 

How to send air cargo to Canada, learn its difference

The cargo ship through air freight, should provide a series information about the departure airport, arrival airport, cargo packing list, where is the cargo originates from,  then book air freight space, a just air freight is only from airport to airport, China local export customs work, THC handling cost normally not included in a quotation. as well as Canada destination airport handling cost. so if want air freight service, you should know your needs its to by CY to CY, or door to door.

air shipping to canada

Air cargo send to Canada from China

China airports whose we can handle air cargo to Canada

Shanghai Pudong Airport PVG  -  Vancouver Airport YVR

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport CAN - Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ

Beijing Capital Airport PEK - Montréal–Trudeau International Airport YUL

Shenzhen Baoan SZX - Edmonton Airport YEG

How to calculate air freight cost

When it comes to air freight shipping, weight and volume are key factors. Air carriers will charge by either volumetric weight (also known as dimensional weight) or actual weight, depending on which is more expensive.

To calculate volumetric weight for air shipping, multiply the item’s volume in cubic meters by 167. So, let’s say you have a package with the following measurements: W: 40cm, H: 40cm L:40. This means that the volume is .064 (the product of all sides divided by one million). Multiply this by 167 and you get a volumetric weight of 10.67 kg.

If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of the product, the volumetric weight becomes the chargeable weight. For light air shipments, you can use this chargeable weight calculator to work out whether your shipment will be charged by actual weight or dimensional weight.

Air freight shipping rates & charges

Beyond the expense of air freight, which is calculated based on the cost above, the total cost to ship by air will also likely include:

*  Fuel surcharges

*  Security surcharges

*  Terminal handling charges

*  Airport transfers

In addition, for door-to-door costs, the price will also include air cargo services, including:

*  Customs brokerage

*  Pickup and delivery

*  Cargo insurance

*  Accessorial charges

Air cargo packaging requirement







Air case

Air case

Plywood case

Plywood case

Air freight price

In a typical season, international air cargo rates can range from approximately 15 - 25 rmb per kilogram, depending on the type of cargo you are shipping and available space. However, costs have risen sharply since February 2020 as a result of severe disruptions in ocean freight and high consumer demand.

City Price Surcharge
Vancourver 35 RMB / kg Export customs cost  and THC...
Toronto 35 RMB / kg
Montreal 35 RMB / kg
Winnipeg 35 RMB / kg
Above Air freight cost is only for reference, actual cost should be engaged with real shipping date, the price is from DJcargo warehouse to target airprort in Canada

Air cargo shipping procedure to Canada

Customer should be counseled transparently for its shipping price and procedure

Customer should know the details of shipping procedure from DJcargo's CS representative before considering a service to DJcargo, make everything handling brightly.

Hand over cargo shipping

Let vendors send cargo to DJcargo's warehouse with set shipping mark as unique to specific client, learn what is the shipping mark

shipping mark

DJcargo warehouse address as follows:
地址:广州市白云区嘉禾新科下村麦崧头东街 4 号 DJ-XXX
China domestic courier delivery address only recognize the Chinese address, English address is useless

DJcargo warehouse receive and storage cargo

Cargo arrives djcargo's warehouse, firstly we should sort out the goods belong to relevant customer by checking its shipping mark outside packaging. labeling and storing it separately, dividing cargo to different area at warehouse.

receive cargo

Double check system with customer, make sure all cargo ready to ship 

LCL consolidation sea shipping, customer often buy goods from different vendor from different place in China, the cargo is sent to the warehouse time to time, we should gathering all, double check with customer for what they buy, make the cargo ready to ship

preparing cargo

Make the cargo load into container and shipping off 

make sure customer's cargo all ready to ship, then we load into container and into shipping process

shipping container

Issue invoice and collect freight cost

All local working done, and shipment heading to Canada, then our finance would issue an invoice to customer to collect freight

djcargo payment method

Shipping job done

Shipping cargo through DJcargo is very simple and easy, many complicated steps during the shipping process are handled by DJcargo team, work with DJcargo you don't need involve yourself to the miscellaneous works.  Any question please counsel with DJcargo's CS representative

How to pay freight cost

We normally charge freight after all local work done, then we will issue invoice to collect freight cost.

Can pay CAD to our Canada account

Can pay CAD to E-transfer account

Can TT to China bank account

Can pay through Wechat

Can pay through Alipay

Can pay through Taobao