FCL full container sea shipping to Canada 20GP/40GP/40HC

FCL is the acronym of Full container load, ship at high volumes? Ship large items like furniture, fragile ones like ceramics, or large, fragile ones like flat-screen TVs?  a 20GP maximum loads about 28 - 30 cbm, 40GP maximum loads about 55 cbm, 40HC maximum loads about 68 cbm, but goods with different angle and dimension might not be loaded into designed capacities. 

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In what situation use FCL to ship cargo to Canada is more economic

The cargo volume meets capacity at least 20GP, or more than its use 40GP or 40HC,  using full container shipping is better than LCL consolidation shipping. Normally cargo volume over 15 cbm use a container to ship the cargo is an option, but sea freight keep floating up and down, when its price risen, 30 cbm use a 20GP container is also more expensive than LCL consolidation sea shipping. considering the shipping cost you should have to learn your cargo actual volume first. no doubt to use a sole container to ship the only cargo is more safe and little bit faster than LCL way, because of less loading and unloading working during  transiting process.


FCL sea shipping to Canada


what type of container ship use container


What type of cargo use FCL shipping is more safe

Ship at high volumes? Ship large items like furniture, fragile ones like ceramics, or large, fragile ones like flat-screen TVs? if cargo volume more than 25 cbm, you are more like a FCL customer.  FCL describes sea shipping for cargo loads large enough to fill a 20’ or 40’ shipping container. FCL shipments use the entire container. That means the container is loaded and sealed at the factory and unloaded when it reaches the destination warehouse.

*  FCL shipments don’t need to be loaded and unloaded together with other shipments, which saves transit time.

*  Sealing containers at the factory or one address from shipper means less handling and fewer opportunities for damage.

*  Price per unit on LCL is high, so for larger shipments, paying the FCL flat fee saves money.

*  Air freight is the fastest way to ship. But if you have the time, you’ll save big choosing FCL instead.

How to start shipping a FCL container

We should know from where the container being started shipping,  starting from shipper's warehouse or factory anywhere in China / or set DJcargo warehouse as a station to receive goods from different shipper, make the goods all together and shipping out as an entire container.

From shipper's address

Shipping a container from shipper that we need its address to check cost for haulage truck to export dock

From DJcargo warehouse

You can buy goods from different supplier, sending cargo to DJcargo warehouse to do storage and consolidation

The procedure of shipping a container

  1. Confirm cargo loading date, by what time cargo available for shipping
  2. Book a shipping order, send booking to carrier to get OS
  3. Arrange haulage truck to pick up container from container yard to loading address
  4. Return container from loading address to export port
  5. Export customs declaration by using loading packing list
  6. Export port terminal paper work handling
  7. Sea shipping to booked port in Canada
  8. Handle destination port customs clearance work 
  9. Pay import duty and tax on behalf of importer
  10. Fulfill destination delivery work 

Which city could we ship container to in Canada

We can send container from everywhere in China to all cities in Canada, below majority cities we could direct send to, other city we are able to handle local trailer deliver to right address

















How to transit container to each city

Canada Railway routine

What carrier ship container to Canada from China

Ocean alliance(CMA OOCL COSCO EMC)



Every container approach to Vancouver port first, then transit to other city through railway, West land such as Edmonton, Calgary, and midland Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg. do import customs declaration in Vancouver port better, then transit to, East land transport to Toronto, then transit to Montreal,  Ottawa, Quebec City. Halifax port shipping from US liner transit through NY or Boston is better.













Container shipping price to Canada

Once your shipment gets to be large enough – usually around 20 CBM, depending on your goods – it becomes well worth paying the flat fee because cost per unit on LCL is much higher.  Here are some other factors that affect FCL pricing:

*  GRIs (General Rate Increases). These are container price increases that carriers can implement at the beginning and middle of each month, usually in response to demand. .
*  Peak season price spikes. Peak season hits when businesses ship at higher volumes to make sure their supply is ready for the holiday shopping season. For FCL, peak season is typically between August-November.
*  Holiday delays. Shippers from China need to account for the Chinese New Year, usually in February, and Golden Week in fall, which are week-long holidays that impact demand and prices. Wherever your origin and destination, make sure to check the local calendar for important holidays.

Carrier Vancouver Edmonton Toronto other city
Guangzhou 9800USD 11500 USD 12500 USD ...
Shenzhen 9800 USD 11500 USD 12000 USD ...
Xiamen 9800 USD 11500 USD 12500 USD ...
Shanghai 9800 USD 11500 USD 12500 USD ...
Qingdao 9800 USD 11500 USD 12500 USD ...
Tianjin 9800 USD 11500 USD 12500 USD ...
Above sea freight for 20GP|40GP/40HC is only for reference, actual cost should be engaged with real shipping date, a complete freight should consist a series surcharges such as haulage truck cost, export customs cost, THC, DOC, and other cost, each shipment should confirm total cost before conduct it

How to pay freight cost

We normally charge freight after all local work done, then we will issue invoice to collect freight cost.

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