Can send container from China all main ports and inland cities to Canada (door to door)

Can send container through DJcargo's warehouse consolidation to Canada (Warehouse to door)

Can manage to ship freezer container to Canada for meat, vegetable, fruit..etc (factory to door)

Can handle domestics railway, river way, road way transiting from every inland cities to Canada

Can handle export customs for tax refund declaration, fumigation, commercial inspection

Can arrange container shipping to meet customers's need any time from Monday to Sunday

FCL sea shipping to Canada

lcl consolidation sea shipping


LCL consolidation dedicated sea shipping to Canada from China (warehouse to door)

Can send LCL cargo from Guangzhou warehouse to specific city in Canada(warehouse to warehouse)

China warehouse at 1st floor, free receive cargo, free unload, free forklift, no extra charges

Free measure cargo's weight and dimension, quantities, and inspect packaging when receive

Handle whole process of work from DJcargo's warehouse to consignee door step in Canada

Can do Canada import customs declaration under company or individual import

Shipping LCL cargo to cities in Canada every week, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal...


Air freight can be sent from all international airport in China to different airport in Canada

Air freight service we handle China export customs works, import customs work and delivery in Canada

Air freight to Canada handle fumigation to export side,  and commercial inspection, documentaries audit

Courier express can be sent to dedicated LCL air cargo, can arrange DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS

Air freight, Courier express can arrange to ship every day Monday to Sunday schedule

Air freight to Canada

Canada FBA cargo delivery


Can handle LCL consolidation cargo to Amazon warehouse in Canada

LCL consolidation cargo to Canada FBA by ship four times a week

Can handle FCL cargo to Amazon warehouse from any export port in China

FCL to Canada warehouse can do goods labeling and gathering goods in China

Can handle cargo send by air freight to Canada Amazon FBA warehouse

Air cargo can handle since cargo origin place to specific warehouse in FBA Canada

Handle FBA warehouse delivery YVR2 YVR3 YVR4 YYZ1 YYZ2 YYZ3 YYZ4 YYZ7 YOW1 YYC1

How to start

To assign a shipment to DJcargo before you should have full
consulted, no hidden cost, let every shipment operated brightly
Checking price system

How to open an account

Use WeChat to scan QRC to register an account
or click Inventory website to register an account


Delivery Warranty 100% Guarantee

Any type of goods we are able to arrange delivery in Singapore, we carry on what promised

Money Exchange service and Pay on behalf

We can  pay on behalf to customers for transaction RMB to China supplier and collect SGD in Singapore

Multiple Payment method for RMB & SGD

We have multiple payment method easy for you to make freight  China RMB or pay SGD in Singapore account

FREE combined parcels from different sellers

We have warehouse in China offer free storage, and able to consolidate all the parcels from different vendor

combine cargo

FREE 30 days warehouse storage

We offer free storage 30 days in China warehouse to meet your purchase work, enough time for production lead time

Completely and Truly Door-to-Door Delivery

FCL door to door, LCL from DJcargo warehouse to door, air freight and courier express to door delivery

No Handling Fees and Service Charges

DDU/DDP shipping service has no miscellaneous cost from both port in China and Singapore, no any extra cost

handle charge

Both Customs handle Clearance Included

We handle both customs declaration in China and Singapore, no extra charges for none tax refund

custom handling

Automatically Shipping Tracking System

We have stunning tracking system for customer register an account and tracking goods status easily

China ship to Canada